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Provide structure for continuous athletic development.

Body Function

Test body function as it relates to mobility, stability, and sport specific positions.

points of performance

Identify points of performance for the key positions in the snatch, clean, jerk

Style vs. Error

Explain style vs. error as it relates to weightlifting mechanics.

Fault Correction

Demonstrate examples of how to correct faults using visual, verbal and tactile cues.

Balance Of Strength

Measure and assess the strength balance of a lifter.

Overcome Weaknesses

Introduce various training tools used to prepare and train specific weaknesses.

Movement & Testing

Implement a protocol for movement standards and testing procedures.

PRogram Planning

Build a program template and understand the structure of various training plans.

Build a program template and understand the structure of various training plans.

Day one

Emphasis on the snatch

09:00 – The Process

09:30 – Physical Assessment for Weightlifting

11:00 – Snatch Positions & Pulls

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Style versus Error

15:00 – Snatch Drills Breakout

16:30 – Snatch Breakout

17:00 – Day 1 Secured

Day two

Emphasis on the clean and jerk

09:00 – Strength Ratios & Bar Path

09:20 – Individual Video Technique Analysis

10:00 – Clean Positions & Pulls

11:00 – Front Squat and Clean Drills Breakout

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Programming Tools, Templates & Design

15:30 – The Jerk

16:15 – Clean and Jerk Breakout

17:00 – Course Secured

Gain an in-depth understanding of the positions, movements and coaching needed to optimize athletic potential in Olympic Weightlifting. This rigorous course builds on the fundamental principles taught in the Burgener Weightlifting Course and enables participants to provide richer detail in their seeing, diagnosing and correcting of the Olympic Lifts.

First Responder and group discounts are available.


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