Mobility for Weightlifting

Improve your performance by becoming more comfortable, flexible and strong in weightlifting positions

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Course Details

In the Burgener Strength Level 1 Course, we teach that there are 3 attributes that are important for weightlifting: mobility, speed and strength. These are listed in order of importance. Proper mobility for weightlifting is having usable positions, which are positions where an athlete is comfortable, flexible and strong and can make adjustments where and when needed. The goal of the Mobility for Weightlifting Course is to teach coaches and athletes how to improve their mobility and performance in the snatch, clean, and jerk.

Time Requirement

The Online Mobility seminar is a one-day course with a time commitment of 6 hours

Attendee Checklist For Online Participation

  • Internet Connection (fast enough to run a video conference call) and a Phone or Computer

  • Pen and Paper (or any other means for taking notes)

  • A little room to freely move and a PVC, dowel, or broomstick.

  • Open wall space would be great if you happen to have access to one but is not required.

  • An empty barbell or training bar would be great if you happen to have access to one but it is not required.

  • Webcam – All online courses are will be live on Zoom, details about set up will be delivered after course registration.

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