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Weightlifting Level 1

Two days of Learning and Experiencing the Foundational Teaching Points

CrossFit Preferred Course

Course Details

The Weightlifting L1 Course objective is to teach coaches and athletes how to teach and perform the snatch, clean, jerk โ€“ safely, efficiently and effectively. Come spend 2 days with the Burgener Strength Team dialing in the fundamentals, drills and positions for both the snatch and clean & jerk in both coaching and performance breakouts. The focus is on participants learning and experiencing the foundational teaching points for instructing others to achieve them. (Formerly the CrossFitยฎ Weightlifting Course)

Course Objectives

Stance, grip, and position are critical components for every lift performed in weightlifting.

10 movements that break down the complexity of the snatch into practical, effective, and specific movements in order to dial in technical efficiency.

The first and most effective position for teaching a new athlete how to snatch or clean.

Critical for both the snatch and clean, as it puts the body in a position to generate speed and power throughout the remainder of the lift.

Learn how to properly โ€œset upโ€ and lift the barbell from the floor to the knees.

How to properly grip and receive the bar when performing a Clean.

5 variations that help teach and develop a strong receiving position in the clean.

5 movements that break down the complexity of the clean into practical, effective and specific movements in order to dial in technical efficiency.

5 progressive movements that teach an athlete how to take the barbell from shoulder to overhead.

Learn the 5 points of performance for the split jerk through a detailed diagram that marks the feet.

Course Timeline

Day 1

(09:00 – 17:00)

09:00 – Course Objective

09.30 – Fundamentals for the Snatch

10:30 – Burgener Warm-Up for the Snatch

11:30 – Snatch Skill Transfer Exercises

12:30 – Split Snatch

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Positions: High Hang + Mid Thigh Snatch

15:00 – Positions: Launch Position/Launch Position

16:00 – Positions: Start Position/First Pull

17:00 – Secure

Day 2

(09:00 – 16:00)

09:00 – Snatch Review

10:00 – Snatch Breakout

11.00 – Clean Fundamentals

11.10 – Front Squats

11:30 – Burgener Warm-Up for the Clean

12:00 – Positions: Clean

12:45 – Adjustments for the Jerk

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Jerk Skill Transfer Exercises

14:30 – Split Jerk

15:15 – Clean and Jerk Breakout

16:00 – Secure

Additional Details

The default language for the Weightlifting L1 is English. In countries where there is a language barrier, a translator will be provided for real time translation small-group sessions

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant may claim 11 CEUs towards their continuing education.

-Regular Price: $595

-Due to the large quantity of courses scheduled, Burgener Strength does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

-Please email info@burgenerstrength.com to inquire about available discounts for:

  • Active duty or retired (upon 20 years of service or permanent medical retirement):

    1. military personnel;

    2. first responders;

    3. law enforcement personnel.

  • Groups of 5 or more people.


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