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Burgener STRENGTH Courses

CrossFit® Weightlifting Course

Two days of learning, performing and teaching the fundamentals, drills and positions of Olympic Weightlifting

Training camp

Join us for an exclusive weightlifting experience designed for athletes, lifting enthusiasts and coaches of ALL levels

Weightlifting Level 1 Online

Weightlifting Level 1 (Online)

An online course where you'll learn and perform the fundamentals, drills and positions of Olympic Weightlifting

Barbell Cycling

Improve technique, strength, and conditioning. Learn to perform multiple reps of barbell movements safely, efficiently, and effectively.


Mayhem | Burgener Strength

proven programming used by champions, Now available

Everyday Athlete

Train with less time or equipment to be the best version of you


Mayhem & Burgener Strength

Where Expertise Meets Experience

Mayhem Athlete has teamed up with Burgener Strength to provide an unbelievable program made for athletes looking to build strength while maintaining well rounded fitness levels through work capacity and conditioning pieces.

Mobility for Weightlifting

Master Your Movement

Our Mobility for Weightlifting course teaches coaches and athletes how to improve their mobility and performance in the snatch, clean, and jerk.

Upcoming Courses

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