Training camp (level2)

Join us for an exclusive weightlifting experience designed for athletes, LIFTING ENTHUSIASTs and coaches of all levels


Our Training Camp/Level 2 course objective is for you to gain an in-depth understanding of the positions, movements and coaching needed to optimize athletic potential in Olympic Weightlifting. This rigorous course builds on the fundamental principles taught in the Burgener Weightlifting Course and enables participants to provide richer detail in their seeing, diagnosing and correcting of the Olympic Lifts.

Through a mix of lecture and practical breakouts, participants will gain proficiency in diagnosing both successful and failed lifts, using methods such as movement assessment protocols, technical triage, coaching breakouts, as well as video and real time technical analysis of their lifts.

In addition, participants will enhance their coaching eye and tool kit by way of individualized programming, specific cueing and advanced drills to fix errors in the lifts. Graduates of the Training Camp course will leave confident in their ability to advance Weightlifting performance at the group, individual and competition level.


Day 1

(09:00 – 17:00)

09:00 – The Process

09:30 – Physical Assessment for Weightlifting

11:00 – Snatch Positions & Pulls

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Style versus Error

15:00 – Snatch Drills Breakout

16:30 – Snatch Breakout

17:00 – Day 1 Secured

Day 2

(09:00 – 17:00)

09:00 – Strength Ratios & Bar Path

09:20 – Individual Video Technique Analysis

10:00 – Clean Positions & Pulls

11:00 – Front Squat and Clean Drills Breakout

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Programming Tools, Templates & Design

15:30 – The Jerk

16:15 – Clean and Jerk Breakout

17:00 – Course Secured


Provide structure for continuous athletic development.

Test body function as it relates to mobility, stability, and sport specific positions. 

Identify points of performance for the key positions in the snatch, clean, jerk. 

Explain style vs. error as it relates to weightlifting mechanics.

Demonstrate examples of how to correct faults using visual, verbal and tactile cues.

Measure and assess the strength balance of a lifter.

Introduce various training tools used to prepare and train specific weaknesses.

Implement a protocol for movement standards and testing procedures.

Build a program template and understand the structure of various training plans.

Additional Details

Completion of the Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1 (or the former CrossFit® Weightlifting Course) is highly recommended.

The default language for the Weightlifting L2 is English. In countries where there is a language barrier, a translator will be provided for real time translation in the lecture and small-group practical sessions.

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant may claim fourteen (14) CEUs towards their continuing education.

-Regular Price: $595

-Due to the large quantity of courses scheduled, Burgener Strength does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

-Please email to inquire about available discounts for:

  • Active duty or retired (upon 20 years of service or permanent medical retirement):

    1. military personnel;

    2. first responders;

    3. law enforcement personnel.

  • Groups of 5 or more people.

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